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The BrilliantRoot Difference

  • We know why we I.T.

  • We respect your organization’s privacy and confidentiality

  • You are not just a customer number to us.

  • You will never speak with the next available agent.

We know why we I.T.

    • We remember and respect the fact that the most important and most expensive part of any system is the person using it. Their time is valuable. Their satisfaction is valuable.
    • We remember that each information management system exists to multiply the productivity of the people using it. Maximizing return-on-investment with this multiplier is a key goal
    • We remember that our job is to not merely to help our customers survive technology, but to empower them to grow and thrive.
    • More information: Technology is not a checklist.


We respect your organization’s privacy and confidentiality

    • We don’t rely on third-party “pinkie-promises” to secure the storage or handling of our confidential information regarding our customers. Everything is kept 100% in-house.
    • Our organization is internally partitioned to limit access to confidential information. Based on our current designs, even if we grow to the size of Google or Apple no more than 12 people would be able to access a specific customer’s data – from front-line technicians to the CIO and COO.
    • All of our employees and management are background-checked.
    • More information: Who has access to your organization’s IT data?


You are not just a customer number to us.

    • All organizations are different, with unique operational requirements and management preferences. We respect this.
    • We tailor your solutions to you, instead of forcing you into a set of systems that may not make sense. We begin with our templates and adjust them as required.
    • Our practices are designed to be more relationship-oriented when it adds value to our customers. For example, our BrilliantRoot Three-Factor Authentication system that is both far more secure and far more convenient to use than conventional “authenticator apps.” 
    • More information: About BrilliantRoot Three-Factor Authentication


You will never speak with the next available agent.

    • We believe in relationships. You will always have specific technician teams and customer service personnel assigned to your account. This reduces the frustration of having to re-educate the people you interact with for every new issue. They know you, they know your organization, they know your systems. And you know them as well.
    • Our teams work in small groups to easily facilitate information sharing.
    • Every customer with a service contract is assigned a unique call-in phone number. We know who is calling before we even answer the phone. This way you are automatically routed to the correct people without having to navigate endless phone menus or enter extensions.